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Ideas, innovation, collective and individual transport, products, services and lifestyle, now begining to improve your future with Euregio Expo Mobility

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More beautiful, more sustainable and cutting edge, traffic must be understood as a process of constant optimization to the advantage of territorial development in quality of life and the saving of natural resources.

The Euregio Expo Mobility is the exhibition dedicated to eco-sustainable mobility in the Euregio area, to be held in Bolzano from 27th to 29th September 2018 at MEC and the Bolzano Exhibition Center.

Euregio Expo Mobility,in collaboration with Euregio's institutional system, Alto Adige IT, Trentino IT and Tirolo AT promotes sustainable mobility in the territory, the hub of green culture, developing new products and services to the benefit of the population and the economic department.

An innovative exhibition event that involves all companies that operate in mobility and which offers the right visibility and the right value to a sector that is decisive for the future economy and can contribute significantly to environmental improvement.

The large part of the exhibition will be joined by meetings, debates and conferencesthat will be an opportunity to highlight the excellence and provide the tools for the necessary development choices in the sector and offer the market an opportunity for business, visibility, up to date knowledge.

3 events in 12 months, in Bolzano from 27th – 29th septembre 2018 at the MEC and the Bolzano Fair, on March 2019 in Trento and on September 2019 in Innsbruck.







Euregio Expo Mobility 2018 avrà luogo presso la Fiera di Bolzano e il MEC Meeting Event Center del Four Ponits by Sheraton Hotel in Via B. Buozzi nr. 35 a Bolzano.

Per accedere alle tariffe ridotte riservate agli espositori di Euregio Expo Mobility, sarà necessario prenotare direttamente all’Hotel specificando la parola d’ordine EuregioExpo Mobility 2018, via mail a info@fourpointsbolzano.it o via telefono allo 0471 1950 000.

Le tariffe ridotte non sono applicabili per prenotazioni arrivate tramite canali terzi.
IMPORTANTE: le persone devono riferirsi alla parola d’ ordine al momento della prenotazione per poter usufruire della convenzione.